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keyboards / Re: Alternate Layout Firmware for Poker II
« Last post by kebby on Sat, 01 November 2014, 06:05:59 »
Last time an official firmware has been released, people have reported lots of problems. So it could just work on the ISO model, but maybe it's a bug in the firmware or a problem with the flashing process.

Do the ISOs use the same firmware in general?
off topic / Re: What did you do today?
« Last post by paicrai on Sat, 01 November 2014, 06:02:19 »

today i gayed up an event hopefully ill see how this goes

Daisy dukes are not "gaying it up".  I expect full on making out with and grinding on dudes.
[CTRL]ALT / Re: JD40@[CTRL]ALT - on sale now
« Last post by Yslen on Sat, 01 November 2014, 05:58:16 »
Geekhack Personals: Make your gold crosspoint contact today.
If you just want to navigate web pages, spreadsheets etc. then a roller might do. I find I can use them ok, but I don't like them as much as a mouse. The traditional mouse is often easier for accurate and quick cursor movement. For CAD I even find that a gaming mouse can be worthwhile over the run of the mill office mice and even some of the flashier office mice. There's no reason to have just one mousing device, either. plenty of people I know use two devices, either swapping hands or type of device, or both, to relieve strain. I even find myself using the mouse emulation in my Ducky mini sometimes. My former supervisor had a strange device that was a roller on a bar. The roller slid left or right and rolled up and down. It was a nightmare to use, even with using it all the time he was really slow with it. Then again he was really slow with a regular mouse too.
group buys / Re: [GB] Octagon 75% Kustom Keyboard
« Last post by appleonama on Sat, 01 November 2014, 05:55:26 »
Just blew money on 2 HHKB I'll find more before the deadline  :-X
other geeky stuff / Re: Evolve?
« Last post by infiniti on Sat, 01 November 2014, 05:52:36 »
Rad... I made two threads some how...

The server has been wonky with timeout errors.

I've removed the duplicate thread.
keyboards / Re: Filco Tenkeypad freezes with Linux
« Last post by jackalope on Sat, 01 November 2014, 05:52:19 »
What about ndiswrapper

The last time I used it, maybe 5 or 6 years ago, ndiswrapper allowed you to use Windows wifi drivers under linux.

What does it have to do with our problem?

sorry little tipsy, thought their was a forks for general windows drivers
keyboards / Re: Why do people hate MX browns?
« Last post by spiceBar on Sat, 01 November 2014, 05:50:49 »
They feel much less "cheap" than blues IMO and I don't know what stock tactile switch other than Clears would be better(as far as Cherry switches go)

I love them. At first I did not appreciate them, but it was my mistake.

I'm still not sure that clears are even as good.

Browns allow you to float above the keyboard with very little bottoming out. It's a unique experience (disclaimer: I have not tried ALPS switches, and I believe some ALPS are as good).

I have a hard time choosing between Trope 45g and MX browns, so I alternate. :)

But my typing style is very different on Topre than on MX brown, it's surprising and refreshing.
new members / Re: Hello everyone! IBM Model M / buckling spring fan here.
« Last post by snoopy on Sat, 01 November 2014, 05:47:39 »
Welcome to GH!

You should take a nice pic of your SSK and join this awesome club on gh:

keyboards / Re: Alternate Layout Firmware for Poker II
« Last post by spiceBar on Sat, 01 November 2014, 05:44:48 »
The single most annoying feature of the Poker II? The Fn+Shift layer that turns on without any indication. Perhaps not the right thread for it, but wow, the number of times I've unwittingly enabled that mode while using the Caps-as-Fn+WASD combo and wondered for several seconds why certain keys weren't working...

The LED at the left end of the spacebar lights up, as far as I remember, when you activate this Pn mode.

But it's true that this key combination is a bad choice.

Keyboard manufacturers, most of the time, have no idea what they are doing. Except Matias.

That's why we need full programmability now.
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