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keyboards / Re: Simple Questions, Simple Answers (FAQ in the OP)
« Last post by BlueBär on Wed, 22 October 2014, 04:35:08 »
Noob question here: What profile are "Artisan" keycaps? Those that have faces in them, or are made of different matterials.
If they are OEM profile, would they look out of place on a keyboard with cherry profile keycaps?

Since most of them don't have a regular flat surface you can't really say they have a specific profile. Some of them go very well with Cherry profile caps, some not so much, it depends which profile was used as the base of the keyap.
interest checks / Re: [IC]transparent mx switch top covers round 3-multiple colors
« Last post by Karura on Wed, 22 October 2014, 04:34:51 »
I think we have more than enough interest and people for the GB. Is OP still around?
I am glad there is interest in my idea of building a trackball into the DodoHand, I really think this will be a good option.  I am more than happy to post my progress to this thread as I see it as a prototype option for the DodoHand rather than an upgrade to the obsolete DataHand.  I will also release all details and code publicly in case anyone else is interested in cannibalizing a DH200 in the same way but I must stress that it is far from trivial and would be easier to start from the DodoHand components when they are complete.

I have been using the right-hand unit as a trackball for a week now and find it surprisingly comfortable and convenient.  In mouse-mode I have mapped the thumb down key as the left mouse button, the second level down switch and left double-click, the thumb pad key as the middle mouse button and the thumb nail key as the right mouse button.  This arrangement feels similar to Logitech TrackMan Marble FX which I used from the late 90s until I fitted a Kensington Slimblade ball unit into the middle of my Kinesis Advantage keyboard.  While this is a good arrangement and saves on arm movement the original Logitech TrackMan is the best trackball I have used and I am hoping the trackball fitted into the DodoHand will be even better.

One minor issue I have with the current hardware I am using is that the Kicklighter breakout board for the ADNS9800 laser sensor:

is quite large and needs to be mounted opposite the point at which the fingers move the ball which is hard to achieve as it hits the base of the case.  However John Kicklighter has a smaller version of the breakout board which if he releases would solve this problem completely.
off topic / Re: Any pen spinners out there?
« Last post by frosty on Wed, 22 October 2014, 04:30:30 »
I'm able to get them cheaper via a contact in penwish hehe
interest checks / Re: [IC] FRiED Keyset
« Last post by Krizie on Wed, 22 October 2014, 04:29:02 »
Im waiting to hear back from Melissa regarding any variations they'll need to take from the designs I provided, font or otherwise. Shall keep you informed as and when I receive updates.
off topic / Re: Gas prices...
« Last post by Oobly on Wed, 22 October 2014, 04:28:47 »
I find it a little ironic that Norway has the highest average gasoline price per liter of all countries in this list at $2.33 per liter when their economy is largely supported by local oil:
classifieds / Re: [WTS/WTB] Ducky Shine, CCNG PBT
« Last post by henz on Wed, 22 October 2014, 04:28:11 »
I have a NIB keytronic ergoforce (don't remember if its UK or ANSI atm, will check at interest). PM me if you are interested.

Edit: location Stockholm.

classifieds / Re: Clack Valuation Thread
« Last post by frosty on Wed, 22 October 2014, 04:26:50 »

Gummyrot skull mx - how much is it worth?

Gummyrot skull mx - how much is it worth?

Whatever you paid for it.

Gummyrot skull mx - how much is it worth?

been going for $150-225 for a while now

duc_nckt is selling his at 250 which personally I feel is too overpriced.

He'd be lucky to find a buyer if it was half the price considering how many people he's ****ed over on here. Dodgy, dodgy guy.
Considering he tried to sell me a beast plate at 60 shipped and that thing is warped and has sticky stuff (tape?) all over it and told me it was in a "very good" condition, ya, lucky him if he finds himself a buyer.
keyboards / Re: Possible to like Cherry Blues AND Topre side by side?
« Last post by henz on Wed, 22 October 2014, 04:25:07 »
Nova touch has topre switches with mx sliders, which means you can put whatever mx keycaps you want on a topre board.
interest checks / Re: [IC] Novelty Cherry dyesub v2 / Full sets v4
« Last post by frosty on Wed, 22 October 2014, 04:25:06 »

Will be ready to move forward with another round of full sets soon so I'm bumping this up so we can see where it should go in set choices. In addition to the straight sets I thought it might be fun to do some game themed sets with default binds marked with relevant glyphs and fonts for example HL2/Portal, Quake, Counter Strike, etc...

Would love to see classic beige from your Round 2 again. I remember you said something about reserve classic beige, that would be cool as well. But I still prefer classic beige.

It would be pretty sweet to have TF2 stuff in a keycap set.  It could look pretty good if you did the number keys with a class icon from 1-9, and a TF logo as ESC.

It exists.
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