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geekhack media / Re: Post Your Bro Caps!
« Last post by Belfong on Tue, 02 September 2014, 01:40:37 »
Or you saw this pretty lady as you are taking the photo and then stepped on the keyboard and it slides away from you making a screeching sound as plastic roughened over stones...... craaackckkkkkkkkk!!! and the pretty girl laughed at your dismay.
geekhack media / Re: Post Your Bro Caps!
« Last post by dustinhxc on Tue, 02 September 2014, 01:39:04 »
Now I'm just thinking about if someone bumped the board while in midst photo session. Yikes.
group buys / Re: [GB] $60 60% case (Aluminium) (SHIPPING - 99% DISPATCHED! :O )
« Last post by SeriouSSpotS on Tue, 02 September 2014, 01:36:00 »
making stuff together! / Re: The Living 3D Printing Thread
« Last post by mkawa on Tue, 02 September 2014, 01:33:36 »
i think one thing that people forget when thinking about printing in general is how freaking hard it is in any number of dimensions. a HUGE number of extremely hard engineering problems had to be solved to turn computable objects in 2-space into pieces of paper and even though some devices are basically commoditized now, there are many that aren't: very high resolution, solid inks, very soft and very hard printed mediums, perceived color correspondence between source and output, extremely large format, extremely small format, etc. etc. etc.

butler lampson is one of the smartest people to have lived in the last 30 years, and he spent like 5 good years trying to make graphite fusing laser printing on paper happen. that crap was hard!

although i hate to say it, because i think it's kind of silly, FFM will almost certainly settle into life as a commodity where the printed medium is a starchy polymer, the machine designs will differentiate based only on whether the bed moves horizontally or vertically, and the support is just more water soluble than the print. there's absolutely nothing wrong with this, as long as the machines reach commodity pricing. see: idealab's new mod-t printer. longevity of this machine will be about the same as a typical 30$ inkjet printer, but frankly, that's enough for the vast majority of users. ie, they'll get it to make one or two objects either to demonstrate a point or to replicate a neat design they saw, but their interest will mostly end there.

zzzz.... more later.
geekhack media / Re: Post Your Bro Caps!
« Last post by Belfong on Tue, 02 September 2014, 01:32:32 »
I am thinking, just put 4 rubber erasers on the sidewalk, then put the keyboard on top of them. That's safer!
other geeky stuff / Re: What computer games do you play?
« Last post by baldgye on Tue, 02 September 2014, 01:32:12 »
Ah. I thought it was a finished game. How is it right now then?

Pretty good. It's got along way to go but if you want to try out a new sim that looks and feels really good and that has mods for F1 cars aswel as coming with an 80s lotus.  There are AI races you can set up but the AI is pretty brutal and atm I'm still not fully able to master the cars...

I got it when it was 50% off and haven't regretted it, just know what your getting into.
group buys / Re: [GB] Nuclear Data Green SA Row 3 - The long awaited keycap set.
« Last post by Oobly on Tue, 02 September 2014, 01:28:07 »
I'm sorry, I haven't read the whole thread, but does anyone have the sizings of all the keycaps? I'm trying to see if I would be able to put these on the Smallfry/JD40 keyboard, while keeping the profile intact.

There isn't a specific JD40 kit with correct legends, but you can definitely put these on a JD40. You may need to buy some of the extra blank keys in different sizes to fill out the board, but it's doable.

You need 5 1.25x keys (Tab, Ctrl, Shift, ".", "/"), 2 1.75x (Shift, Enter), and the rest are standard 1x sizes. Spacebar is standard 6.25x size.

The specialty kit has the correct 1.75x Shift and Enter keys and there are enough 1.25x and 1x size keys on the main set to cover the board, but with a few incorrect legends. So a base set + specialty kit will do it.

You can get a few blanks for these keys instead if the incorrect legends bother you.
new members / Re: Hello, New to geekhack, need some help plz
« Last post by DTRPS on Tue, 02 September 2014, 01:28:06 »
Thank you kind sir :)
other geeky stuff / Re: Official League of Legends GH Thread
« Last post by jdrone411 on Tue, 02 September 2014, 01:19:16 »
A quick meme that I made:

Bonus pic:

geekhack media / Re: Post Your Bro Caps!
« Last post by dustinhxc on Tue, 02 September 2014, 01:18:59 »
You put the keyboard on the ground with no blanket or anything?!

I advise you to not look at dustins photos... Pure sidewalk bro


My babies are all fine, just don't move them while on the ground. Pick up and place where needed. :)
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