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--- Quote from: nathanchere on Thu, 02 November 2023, 13:27:49 ---Speaking as someone with 5 HHKB builds in rotation including original and aftermarket cases, domes etc, I find BKE redux domes better than OG. I haven't tried deskeys domes but heard very good things about them too. Don't limit yourself to realforce domes if you're in pursuit of your 'endgame' configuration.

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Thanks for the advice, If I do every look into aftermarket domes, it will probably be way down the line. The reason why I will be probably going with realforce is that I have tried the domes before in person and know what they feel like, hopefully some BKE domes come up in another meetup that I can go too to see If I like them as well (or if they are better)

Bump cause new log (probably way too late lol)


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