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【IC】Bina 103 – Full Size Board, Top Mount, Front Typing Height 14mm

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Hi everyone, this is the second project from Tea House. We would call it the classic inspired, modern full size with a little bit of creative twist.

The entire board is dedicated to Tea House, and where it is from. The most prominent part you will find is the Skyline of Shenzhen
(Dare I say the capital of Custom Keyboard Manufacturing and my hometown), where Tea House is founded and manufactured. Enough of the sentimental part let’s dive into the detail of the board!

Components Overlook

Basic Information:
Layout: 103 WKL Full Size
Mounting: Top Mount with two mounting methods, for different feel
Typing Angle: 10 degrees
Front Height: 14.0mm
Top Piece: 6063 Aluminum
Inner Badge: White Copper
PCB: Solder
PCB Spec: 1.2mm
Internal Badge: Polished White Copper
Bottom Piece: 6063 Aluminum
Weight: Brass/Polished White Copper
Weight: 6.6 Pounds/3.3 Kg
Plates: Aluminum Half (Default), Aluminum Full Plate
Sales Format: In stock on Keyspensory, shipped from CN by express carriers

Teahosue DC:
Keyspensory DC:

Units: 30≈
Price: 450 USD for the Standard Brass Edition, 590 USD for the Polished White Copper, + Shipping
Sales Date: TBD
Review Streams:
Alexotos TBA
Lightning Keyboard TBA
Taeha Types 11/16

A bit of sidenote for White Copper as material
We have tested this firsthand on the Ayleen Gin Edition, this turns out to be one of the more interesting materials that we have ever used.
Right after the polish, White Copper will be just a regular silver mirror shine, but in times, it will slowly oxidize into this really champaign gold luster.

(Silver with White Copper)

The Copper Side Weight
This is something that we implement to achieve one goal: You can choose either Type C on the left, or Type C on the right. We all have different setups,
and some of you may want to show off your super nice cable right next to the keeb. Plus the copper brings in a bit more texture and flare!

Solder PCB

Supported Layout
*Native Plate (bikini half plate) will not support 10U space bar, needs a custom plate

Just going to put this upfront, I know somebody is going to ask why this weirdly shaped and bordering “extreme” plate design.
Our logic is quite simple, since we are not offering Hotswap PCB, we do not want you to desolder 100 switches to make one adjustment to one stab.
With this particular design, you can really just desolder that one switch and be done with it.

What you will get with Bina
Colorway      TOP           Bottom                External Weight               Plates
  Silver        Silver            Silver            Brass/White Copper        Black Bikini Half Plate
   OG        Champaign      Champaign            Brass/White Copper        Black Bikini Half Plate

Champign with Deadbeats

Bottom Side View

Champaign with HAD


Let's go Bina!

bina is my second love.


--- Quote from: BestBeeca on Wed, 15 November 2023, 10:23:52 ---bina is my second love.

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