Author Topic: Possibly new Model F 122 part number 6110629  (Read 712 times)

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Possibly new Model F 122 part number 6110629
« on: Sat, 01 March 2014, 14:38:01 »
Hey guys, I was bouncing around the internet looking at typewriters this afternoon, and I stumbled upon a listing for an IBM Model F 122.  This thing looked pretty beat up, had some rust on the bottom, the cord was badly frayed and it looked to be missing some springs.  But I pulled the trigger any way hoping that I could clean it up and make it serviceable.

Anyways, to the important stuff, this thing has a part number of 6110629, and it is made in the UK on 5-10-1984.  It also has German keycaps.  Not sure anybody else has come across this version of the Model F, but I have not seen it before.  I will have more photos once it arrives.

Here is a photo of the label:


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Re: Possibly new Model F 122 part number 6110629
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 01 March 2014, 17:07:29 »
looks like 6110625 to me

Very interesting: I was not aware of that many UK made model Fs. I am sure it's related to the 6110668 with possibly different keycaps. 5-10-84 puts it in the right date range as well (the 6110668 was manufactured between january of 1984 and (most likely) mid 1985.)

edit: some preliminary research on the model number corroborates this. It is also for the 3179.
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