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The CONSTELLATION started as a conceptual design of a single keyboard case that could offer a granular and personalized assembly experience through multiple mounting methods and unique construction options.


The mounting method (described as how the plate and printed circuit board (PCB) construction is affixed to the case) has always been a focus of discussion, research, and innovation within mechanical keyboard enthusiasts and designer circles.

The CONSTELLATION is designed to offer the freedom to experiment and experience three of the most popular mounting techniques in one board, allowing you to discern what feels and sounds you enjoy most without having too many variables affecting your judgement.


O-Ring Gasket Mount

The ‘O-ring gasket mount’ was originally first seen in some of the very early custom keyboard designs that spawned from the Korean community. As these kits were only made in very small numbers during production, they have become something of a rarity that only very few people have had a chance to experience. Only recently has the O-ring seen a resurgence in popularity, promising unique feel and acoustic attributes. It is believed that the gasket offers unique dampening beneath the plate while also dispersing force through to contact points in the bottom of the case. The O-ring gasket sits between the plate and PCB, and utilises specific PCB cutouts and bottom case standoffs to keep the plate in place. You can install and remove the O-ring by stretching it around the plate and specifically the USB-C port. We recommend that you be gentle while installing this gasket.

Gasketed Sandwich Mount

The ‘sandwich mount’ traditionally involves clamping the plate between the two halves of the case - this typically results in a very sturdy construction that reciprocates with a very clean and distinct sensation on switch bottom out. Although popular, one of the common criticisms is that this bottom out becomes too harsh; the lack of any relief or cushioning results in fatigue from longer periods of typing. By adding a series of gaskets where the plate is clamped, an element of cushioned dampening is added to this mounting style. The result is a fine balance between a typing sensation that feels sturdy and crisp that doesn’t cause as much fatigue as the former over periods of time.  You can try half isolation (where one side, usually bottom, of the plate having this gasket to dampen out the bottom out), or full isolation (both sides of the plate having gaskets). Please be aware of material thicknesses and be vigilant when installing gaskets in both half isolation and full isolation, keeping in mind compression and material density as you decide to install these gaskets. Please ensure you do not have too much gasket thickness and are able to screw the top and bottom pieces of the case together.

Top Plate Mount

Amidst all of the different innovations and designs, top mount has remained one of the tried and trusted mounting designs that many enthusiasts favour due to its consistent feeling and balance between relief and rigidity. The mounting points are placed along the top and bottom perimeter of the plate and screw into the top piece of the case. This allows the plate to flex along its lateral axis giving a nice semi-cushioned bottom out whilst still retaining structural integrity. Top mount was included to act as a control or baseline that builders can use to compare with the O-ring and sandwich mount methods to determine which they enjoy the most.


Case Specifications

• Grade 6063 anodised aluminium case
• Clear coated brass weight
• 65% layout with no blockers (fixed layout)*
• 7 degrees typing incline
• Standardised AEBoards rubber feet strips
• Standardised AEBoards gaskets
• Interchangeable accent pieces

PCB Specifications

• Horizontal relief cuts
• Powered by QMK
• VIA Configurator support
• Center USB-C
• Black solder mask

Case Colours

Signature Colours
• Black
• Aegis Navy
• Space Grey

Limited Edition Colours
• Influencer Red
• Limited Edition Vickrey Colour



CONSTELLATION will be available as an in-stock keyboard kit, with additional add-ons available at time of purchase. We will have several waves of availability: Friends and Family, Early Access and then Public Sale. We aim to have at least 100 units for Public Sale.
It will be vendored through our community storefront - The Keyboard Treehouse.
Our release date is to be confirmed, slated for Q1 2020.


Added: We got some requests for some files for rendering - so enjoy!

you're insane, this board is insane. You and Solid are too good at keyboard stuff


--- Quote from: wouldworks on Thu, 23 January 2020, 06:13:41 ---you're insane, this board is insane. You and Solid are too good at keyboard stuff

--- End quote ---

don't forget xelus, who does our pcbs!

aww yeh?


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