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Group Buy will be available from August 1st to September 1st
with a projected fulfillment date of Q4 2022 through the following vendors

US: Cannon Keys
Canada: Deskhero
Europe: MyKeyboard
UK: Proto[Typist]
China/Asia: ZFrontier or ZFrontier EN
SEA: Monokei
Oceania: Daily Clack

Prices are in USD through Cannon Keys; for all other vendors please refer to their respective listings

Latin Base: $134.99
Hiragana Base: $134.99
a Alphas: $44.99
Extensions: $46.99
Novelties: $61.99
Rawr: $18.99
Shrimp Rama: $38.00
Deskmats: $17.99

Pantone 656 C for Alphas (same as Shoko, Botanical)
RAL 240 40 30 for Modifiers
RAL 030 40 50 for Accents

Kit Renders
Latin Base Kit

Hiragana Base Kit

a Kit

Extensions Kit

Novelties Kit

Rawr Kit

Shrimp Rama

Under the Sea Deskmat

Waves Deskmat

Melonkeys Artisans Collaboration

Board Renders

TGR Police


Frog TKL


Set is now live on Cannon Keys!

As it's a Sunday, some vendors may not be posting their listing for the set until tomorrow. Sorry for any inconvenience!



There always seems to be a trend that people of minorities seem to be the most outspoken and I think it's understandable given that you want something that you can actually use. As a designer and vendor, you're trying to accommodate the most amount of people while also keeping prices as low as possible to make it more accessable to the wide majority. That means there are certain layouts that you can't support, and as much as I'd like to accommodate minivan, I can't see the demand of the layout over the past few years really justifying having it included in an extensions kit. As a kit with 100 MOQ every key proportionally increases prices a lot, and as a vendor it's harder to buy something out when it costs more, leaving more risk for it being cancelled. I know that TKC had their recent minivan run, but numbers were never shared, so it's not like I can support something I have no clue the demand for other than a few people asking for it over the years.


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