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[IC] Milkyway Lilith R3 doubleshot product debut

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Milkyway Lilith R3Hello, this is MWKEYS, today we bring you Milkyway's first dual-color keycap - MW Lilith R3.
   In the past two years we energetic order surge, deep cooperation Vendors bankruptcy, order decay a series of tribulations, but this did not break us, in the past year, we developed dual-color products, and optimized our heat sublimation products. This allows us to have a better guarantee of the quality of our products.
ICBASE+NOVTranslucent AlphaNorde KitNum Kit40S KitSpace KitLamp Keycaps+lid keycapsREBDERVendorsTBAGB DatesJune 10-20, 2024ContactInstagram: @milkywaykeys
Discord Server: Milkyway Keys

alice bars child kit please. alpha colored (blue).

What do you mean by "Milkyway's first dual-color keycap"?

Add mod-color arrows, enter, esc please

Edit: What is “EVABACING” on the 1.5u novelties


--- Quote from: vhaarr on Mon, 20 May 2024, 09:06:20 ---What do you mean by "Milkyway's first dual-color keycap"?

--- End quote ---

I'm assuming they mean their first double shot set, but who knows when you're reading an IC that spells render rebder....... :p


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