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--- Quote from: depletedvespene on Wed, 22 June 2022, 09:01:05 ---To add to what others have already said, consider one further factor: what national layout do you use? How does it cope with being transplanted from its "native" ISO or ANSI layout to the other one?

As an example: if you use the Spanish (Spain) layout, using an ANSI keyboard makes you lose access to the characters < and > , and the Ç and } characters get moved to the 1.5U alpha in row two, which is a pain.

Besides that, remember that you can go ISO, you can go ANSI, and you can go in between: ANSISO (long left Shift, vertical Enter) and ISANSI (short left Shift + extra alpha, horizontal Enter).

--- End quote ---

I use a slightly modified danish layout to write in English and Spanish—occasionally in Italian. It is far better than the US International layout that I used for years, although it always gets in my way, for example, when typing Tex or R Scripts. The three special letters å, æ, and ø, have alt-gr locations under the a, e and o, just in case I need them, which I seldom do, and their original locations are used for delete, left, and right keys. It is not easy to get key caps for this layout; but, over the years I have been getting Norde kits and found a source for three Danish Olivetti double shots with weird right-side mods that I get for a fairly good price. Now, I have beige, black, and Olivetti's colored alphas that I mix and match with mods that I have. I found this particular layout to be a great fit for my needs. I can use it with both, ANSI and ISO enter keys, but I always require the short left shift because I use the pipe-back-slash at its right (Tex user here).  I know that this is hardly a choice for everyone; but, I found that US-International is a lousy adaptation of the common US layout to some European languages, a compromise many have to live with. The way the dead keys are solved in Danish is way better than US-Int. I gave a try to Finish—another good multilingual layout—and German, but found Danish and Finish to be best and ultimately settle with Danish.


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