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Searching for the endgame Dactyl design STLs


Hi folk,

Long time lurker, very infrequent poster here.

For a while I'm researching Dactyl designs looking for that absolute perfect design. But there are a lot of forks of this design, and I'm getting lost.

Most of my inspiration started from the online generator at

I'm a huge fan of the designs at But I'm looking for the designs to print them myself. And as far as I can tell, they source files are not publicly available.

There are some things I consider in the endgame Dactyl design:

What I have decided on:

* Dactyl Manuform
* Utilizing Eite-C
* With Loligagger holders
What would be nice to have :

* Hotswap sockets
* Even better would be to be compatible with Amoeba Royale
* Rotary encoder on each side in the thumb cluster
Being compatible with Amoeba Royale is maybe too much to ask for, but the other things should be achievable.

So I'm interested in your Dactyl designs and I hope you're willing to share them so I might be able to combine all the best features.

this what you are looking for?


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