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Recommendations for small hands?

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As the title says, I am trying to pick an ergo board that will be comfortable for my tiny hands! I will be using it primarily for typing and coding, but maybe also some gaming (I'm too lazy to get out a different keyboard).

I am currently using a TKL Filco keyboard with silent red switches, which has a traditional staggered layout. I loved my current board when I bought it a few years ago, and it has withstood a lot of daily use for work, but I have now been tempted by the benefits of ergonomic layouts and programmability.

Weird layouts and multiple layers for different purposes are ok - I am a pianist so very happy to learn new key layouts etc.

I would ideally prefer the following features, but I'm open to suggestions that don't meet these:

* Orthogonal
* Split
* Easily programmable
* Small enough to not take up my entire desk!
* Available either pre-assembled or hot swap PCB (I'm not really interested in getting into soldering)

being hotswap does limit the choices
- corne
- lily 58 pro
- iris (not hotswap but really worth a look)
- some ergodox variants - hotdox, ergodox-ez, moonlander, etc...

also check
great resource
specifically the diy section:

I'm of the opinion that smaller keyboards aren't necessarily better for smaller hands (though I'm slightly biased as someone that sells ErgoDox keyboards). One reason I personally prefer a larger keyboard such as the ErgoDox is that you have the option of using more keys if you wanted to. Especially if you're looking at getting your first ergonomic keyboard, it may not be immediately obvious which keys are comfortable and which are not (and what is comfortable can vary between people). It's much easier to change the keymap and not use certain keys than to have a keyboard that doesn't have enough keys.

Thanks both - I have had a look at the suggestions and decided to pick up a second-hand Iris, which solves the build problem! I'll report back on how it goes. It's cheap enough that I can learn from this one and spend a little more on one that is a better fit for my preferences down the line.

If you have small hands then perhaps one that has Kailh Choc switches and its keycaps with smaller-than-standard key spacing would be suitable.

I think Corne-ish Zen could have been what you are after, but the interest check has ended.


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