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The Great Keyboard Layout Comparison: 2021 edition.

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Maybe. It will take about a month just to generate the layouts, so I did a more limited ZXCV version,,, you are welcome to test it on Patrick's KLA or on

Cheers, Ian

I have some questions about your analyzer.

What i discovered is for ergo keyboards only (not tested with matrix boards).  If you take a layout and make a mirrored version of that layout, and then compare them to each other. results given favors a layout more. But how is that possible for 2 exact layouts to have 2 different results?
Is there any penalty applied for a hand more than the other?

I figured out that the analyzer had some preferences if you set mods on both thumbs. it will always pick up the left hand one.

There is also something i would like you explain to me, i did create a variation of CHIA and copare it to the original, the scores given to me, give CHIA winners against my CHIA 2, i says distance travel is better on CHIA, but when a took a look at distances, my version had a better distance scoring. is there a bigger penalty for pinkies?



Yes, left hand has penalty of 1.1 times right hand.

We can debate if this is fair, it assumes a right-handed typist, and the 10% is a general scientific consensus for the difference between dominant and other hand.

The fingers have different penalties (SteveP's version has different values, as do Den's versions. Mine are taken from a published paper.)

KB.dScoring[KB.finger.RIGHT_THUMB] = 1;
KB.dScoring[KB.finger.RIGHT_INDEX] = 1.85;
KB.dScoring[KB.finger.RIGHT_MIDDLE] = 2.0;
KB.dScoring[KB.finger.RIGHT_RING] = 2.9;
KB.dScoring[KB.finger.RIGHT_PINKY] = 3.67;

and same for left hand, but * 1.1. So mirroring a layout will give different score.

The figures in the results tables include those weightings ... you can find the unweighted values in the other result tabs.

Not sure what mods you are referring to, but KLA scans the keyboard and uses the first one it finds. So you should only have one of each... same with characters.

Can you post json?

Hope that helps :-)

Cheers, Ian

It's not my job to tell what's fair and what is not, you are the judge, you code this analyzer, but who knows what kind of typist is using your analyzer?
What about ambidextreous people? I am a right handed main but there are things i can do well with my left hand.
It biaised results, neutrality has to be a priority, as long as users can't customize penalties per hands and per fingers, but this is my opinion.
 CHIA.json (15.35 kB - downloaded 27 times.)
 CHIA mirror.json (15.35 kB - downloaded 28 times.)

Edit: typo

I didn't code it, it's a fork of a fork.

I did make some changes to make it "fairer" as best possible.

We have discussed letting users set parameters, but then people will adjust them so that their own layouts score well and comparisons become meaningless.

KLA makes various assumptions. Apart from assuming you are right-handed, it also assumes  that you are a perfect "touch typist" who always uses the correct finger for each key, returns each finger to home position when not used, and never makes mistakes.

And also that ====== is typed with 6 key presses and not auto-repeated.

These assumptions are not true for most people, so the layout evaluation is a 'best guess' in some ways.

Cheers, Ian


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