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The Great Keyboard Layout Comparison: 2021 edition.

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hello Doug

i have an idea to submit
We all use different languages aside of english, and some of us are trying to find the layout that fits the best to our use of english and native.
If i remember well, there were non english test from the wiki of Joan of Arc, on the Den's KLA, in yours there is only latin (which isn't used anymore).

i just read your .pdf about how you create design the differents clever monkey english bigram corpus.
I would find interesting to have the ability to analyze our layouts with texts similar to Shakespeare clever monkey, but with a mix of like 40% english /40% french or spanish  or any language /20% program to figure out how good/bad/performant they are.

i really don't know how long it would take to create such corpus for the differents germanic and latin based languages.


I still have a mirror of KLAtest up at but note that apart from the "reload" bug ( which I have not tracked down yet) there is also a problem with the distance measurement.
See item dated 4 May 2021 on . I fixed that on KLANext (still has "reload" bug).

I have been thinking about other languages and actually got corpus files for a variety of (western) European languages. So it's on the ToDo list but don't know when.

At present trying to find the best layout programmatically...

Curiously, layouts that do well at English tend to do well ta Latin. It's just there for a bit of entertainment.

I need a better Dropdown system, they are getting too long.

Cheers, Ian

old message deleted: misread

programatically best layout, is the symbol layout?

No, using computer program to find best layout.

Now I have millions of layouts, need a way to evaluate them that is faster than KLE and that will give same results...

All attempts so far are failing...  :(



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