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Gaming on a split keyboard?

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--- Quote from: kizuna on Wed, 16 June 2021, 10:32:39 ---How long did it take to get used to gaming with the split keyboard?

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It did not take me any significant time (a matter of hours). But I was switching from Kinesis Advantage to a fully split K80CS and later K84CS.
Anyway, i do not think you need any significant time when switching except learning a new key assignment (for the keys you will need to remap). Adjusting to touch type on Kinesis Advantage when switching from a standard keybaord takes about 2 weeks. That is a data point I know since I measured it when I started with Kinesis Advantage in 2002.

I also have a sofle and most of the time I game on it. I don't really find any issues other than stuff like crouch-jumping in CS:GO, but I'll either just manage it by bumping ctrl and space with my palm and thumb or by using a different keyboard, depending on my mood

I was using a dactyl manuform for gaming for a while. Having a 6 button thumb cluster is pretty great for games.

I did a lot of work on the Pteron keyboard and made a split version of it intended for gaming. Hotswap so now it's got ink yellows for wasd, jades on esc and win, and gat red/ yellow for the rest of the keys. I really like the extra space for my mouse. I didn't record data to back this potential placebo, but it made my KD in Warzone go up as well.


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