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DIY keyboard folding legs/feet/stands?

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So, I'm working on building my dream keeb... and I have only the faintest ideas of how to add folding legs/feet to the thing.

Spare keyboard feet are easy to come by, but the mounts that they attach into... not so.

Other than designing a bespoke leg mechanism, how can I tackle this? I've googled a bit, but to no avail.

you talking about the normal ones usually found on the bottom of most off the shelf keyboards?

or something like tenting legs for a split keyboard?

or the apple extended keyboard's mono-foot

The normal ones, like on an off-the-shelf keeb. I don't even wanna THINK about engineering a mono-foot, lol. And I deffo don't want anything sticking out from the sides.

take one apart and take some measurements. you can see the shape of typical flip out feet in the 1st picture.

you'll need to create a recess for the foot to go into, so the board sits flat when not in use. when flipped out, the recess will act as a stop for the foot.

or you can use something like these

I'd suggest the cones with bumpers. Also found on Aliexpress and sometimes on eBay.

Or how about magnets? (Image of Drop ALT).


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