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What would you do with a small loan of $1 million?

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I'd like to think that I would invest it wisely but truth be told I'd probably blow through most of it in a year and then be sad.

Edit: A loan from a close and trusted individual who is very, very lenient about the terms of the loan and how you can pay it back. But still a loan.

I cant think of what I would do with it, that's a pretty much impossible question to answer accurately if you hadn't made the experience with that amount of money in the past. I'd probably put it on a bank account I couldn't access and never spend it, or put it towards a project I support (not charity). It is generally not a good idea to just give money to people who wouldn't be able to manage it properly, because of lack in experience with these kinds of situations. It is no coincidence the the company's that fail most often are the ones who where well-funded and started out with relatively big amounts on money, not the ones who stated with 20 dollars and made it into an empire, these are the ones that still exist, because they know who to handle money properly.

EDIT: I understood the therm "loan" wrong, I'm German sorry, I thought it meant gift. I would not take a loan, especially not a million dollars. Anything I said past my second sentence is still valid.

buy all red GMK esc's

Buy first class ticket to the States, attend Keycon 2016, profit

Start an enterprise, go into multi-billion dollar debt, get bailed out several times, get gigantic inheritance, claim you only ever got a small loan of a million dollars, run for president.


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