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What would you do with a small loan of $1 million?

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1. kill the lender
2. dispose of the body
3. PROFIT!!11111


--- Quote from: iri on Mon, 11 January 2021, 02:48:13 ---
2. dispose of the body

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Hey, now I want more gardening tips!

I would pay for various courses, namely microblading eyebrows, makeup, eyelash extensions. I am very receptive to the beauty industry. I would also open a small beauty salon called "Miss Pretty Woman." so I would like to make every girl a little more beautiful. But now I think, why should I dream about it? After all, it is pretty doable. It is necessary to act, but there is a problem, I have a loan debt (((. Does anyone have any experience with the best factoring companies in Illinois? Is it worth applying to them for funds?

Invest $500k
Spend $200k
Save   $300k


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