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[Production Ended] Photochromic Mystery Mayhem - ltd. edition keys by HWS

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Binge here.  Wifu is working on some stuff outside.  I am very excited to be making some efforts to bring photochromic colors into my most popular designs.  I need a goal, a project to motivate me, after my most recent slump of life hitting my face with a shovel.  HWS needs this too.  We've been like a ghost town recently, and that's not cool.  My creatures and creations aren't doing anything with their lives, and certainly aren't making it into the hearts and minds of the great people out there who would have them.  The keys I am offering will be the last I do this year and for the foreseeable future in photochromic pigments.

Sale Form (If you have not made a response you will be definitely almost dead last to get your package) -

A couple details you must know,

* Hungrkeys will be thrown into the mix
* There is the potential for a new key design
* Domestic buyers will be receiving additional art with their order
* We will be shipping out two lengthy rounds, round 1 and round 2.  Round 1 = July 31-August 1st payments.  Round 2 = Sept 25th-Early October. Progress will be shared publicly and often.
If you received a synthulhu and are not happy with the alignment which I so carelessly forgot to check when making the master I can either,

A) provide a full refund.

B) send you another cast keycap as a replacement.

Please PM me if you are affected with a picture of your synthulhu if you care to receive a refund or exchange.

I will be discontinuing the OG keythulhu mold for the time being until I can figure out how to get the key properly centered.  I apologize for the inconvenience and issues this error on my part has caused.  I  will focus to make this better and take further steps to set aside time to testing our master stems before making molds.

In! I've been missing some HWS in my life!

I'd be all in on this if my car wasn't down :(

fixed the issue with shipping being added onto the cost.

Refunding people who paid over.



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