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2018 WOOF!

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Hey everyone!

Happy 2018 and thank yous everyone who supported HWS in 2017.  To get everyone up to speed on current events as of 6/1.

* We are done with 4x4 production
* We are not done with 4x4 shipping
* Garbage Keyng is not an abandoned project.  It's just complicated.
* The :~$ynth project is ongoing.  We have created and tested a low profile 1u and 2u base. Announced
* Listen to Keebtown!  These guys are great!  JoeyQuinn and I will be on this Sunday to talk about the :~$ynth project
* Keebtown Discord: Keebtown Podcast:
* Low profile 1u is totally awesome.
* Low profile 2u works but needs some basic tweaks.
* We are retiring the following sculptures as 4x4 is over.  DWI Jack, Fugthulhu, Otterophile, Lion Keyng V3, Skulthulhu, and Switch Doctor
* There will be one more chance to get sculpts which were in 4x4.  No further clarifications yet/No answers to questions on event details.
* Proof of concept and prototype for Meet Popsi-Skull is complete!  In 13 days it's SmallFry's memorial day.  This photo is a small tribute.

* Meet Popsi-skull will be first available at Keycon 2018.  Hope to see you all there!  HWS will be attending.
Update for 7/22/18!

Widgie and I have been running pretty quietly in between Keycon and Seattle 2018 because we are hard at work in the studio! 
Aside from production we are desperately trying to reorganize our energies and create some newsworthy updates for upcoming projects/processes related to our artwork.

Side Projects: Mold Release - Doing great!  We're happy to fulfill any orders and have had no significant lead times (less than 48 hours to turn around)

Lube:  3204 is still being made available to vendors.  Krelbit from is holding an IC for 3203 (203G0 equivalent) on mechmarket (! 

If you want to see this come out please support the production.  205G0 is available to any vendors looking for the next step up in thickness from 3204. (edited)

Synth:  Synth 2.1 and Low Profile are being redesigned by Binge, JoeyQuinn, and incorporating a new system of snap-in-place mold boxes developed by Salvun (  With this system you will get a high quality synth base and retaining walls to cast directly on the synth without the need for a lego box.  This molding box system does more than eliminate the need to build up lego molds, and we'll have more updates on this system coming up in the next two weeks.  We are trying to stay at the current price point without increasing the price of the unit!  Here's to hoping we can pull off our cost goals.   :llama:

Looking forward to tuning into KeebTown this weekend!

<3 Smallfry
<3 HWS

Love the new sculpt


--- Quote from: CPTBadAss on Fri, 01 June 2018, 17:44:20 ---<3 Smallfry
<3 HWS

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BB!  Trying to get some ice-cream but it's hard w/out you.


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