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DSS White on Black

New IC!
New IC Form
Hey, I'm back with a rework of this set. I think last time was OK, but had too much plastic and was trying to do too much. I've reconsidered the a-la-carte style kitting and opted for a base kit with child kits approach instead. Please fill out the IC form above if you're interested or have any feedback. Thanks for taking another look!
I haven't updated any renders yet as I wanted to repost the IC and get some feedback first. I'll get some board and kit renders re-created as necessary depending on where that feedback takes us.
Updated Kitting

Discord for Updates and Discussion
Previous Renders, Kitting, Pricing for Reference

GB Dates: TBD
Vendors: TBD

What Is It?Hello, welcome to DSS White on Black. It's a sculpted white on black keycap set.

SpecsDSS Profile
Text Mod Legends
ABS Plastic
Row Sculpts: 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 3
Manu: Signature Plastics

More DSS Info
More info can be found here on the DSS profile and row sculpts SP DSS Spec Sheet.

WFK + NN: White on Black Alphas and Mods
NN + WFK: Black on White Accent
RA + VCM + BDH: Red, Green, Blue Mods

MoreFebruary 16, 2022: More kitting adjustments, feeling pretty good at this point.
February 15, 2022: Kitting adjustments.
February 13, 2022: Re-ICing with kitting adjustments.

Discord for Updates and Discussion

Thank you to Izeri for the final kit and board renders! Izeri Instagram.
Big thanks to Misonoworks for kit and board renders. That 40% board render with the pink ribbon is theirs the Ribbon, check it out here Misonoworks Discord.
Another big thank you to everyone in the 40% keyset design discord channel, specifically: NoPunIn10Did and acitrin.


Looks good, not much to say standard wob

Sign me up.

What material is the DSS caps? I really  would love these in ABS material


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