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-Welcome to the Interest Check for Milkyway Half Blade-

Inspired by a vagrant transfer student and her vengeful
journey accompanied by a blood-sucking uniform.

-Interest Check Form-

Click Here


North America
TBA - Transfer Student (Base Kit)
TBA - Fiber Synchronization (Novelties Kit)
TBA - Fiber Demon (40ís Kit)
TBA - Fiber Override (Norde Alphas Kit)
TBA - Fiber Frenzy (US/UK Alt Alphas Kit)
TBA - Fiber Secret Arts (Spacebar Kit)
TBA - Mystery Croquettes (Deskmat)

GB Date: July 8th - August 12th



5395U | 533U | 3516U | GMK WS1

-Color Comparison-



This base kit has compatibility for
full-size, TKL, 75%, 65% and 60% boards along with
support for F13 boards and Alice layouts.

Novelties kit features artwork inspired by a vagrant transfer student
and her blood-sucking uniform.

40ís kit adds additional support for 40ís layout.

Norde alphas kit adds support for additional EU layouts.

US/UK alt alphas kit adds latin alpha keys for both US and UK layouts.

Spacebar kit adds support for additional layouts.



***Second deskmat design coming soon.***



***Renders are NOT a 100% accurate representation of the final product.***

Midway60 by Bolsa Supply - Render by MrBingo#5000 - Outdoor lighting

Mr Suit TKL by Owlabs - Render by MrBingo#5000 - Indoor lighting

Enjoy by Tasty Keys - Render by MrBingo#5000 - Studio lighting



NA:| Bolsa Supply |
CA:| Kanatakeys |
China:| Milkyway Keys |
UK:| TBA |
EU:| TBA |



Half Blade Kikkou Keyboard by Mechwerkes

Scissor Blade & Senketsu Eye artisans by Bolsa Supply

Half Blade Themed Cable by Alpaca Cables

***Sample being produced. Images coming soon.***

Wooly Artisan by DELLA KEY

***Images coming soon.***

Guts Artisan by   l e e n a

***Proto sculpt shown. Final artisan will include his tongue to complete the signature look.
Follow   l e e n a   on IG for more details:***

Half Blade Artisan by Miroticaps

***Images coming soon.***

-Discord Updates-

Follow updates here:
Milkyway Keys:


-Thank You-

-To my loving girlfriend Lisa-

-To my design partners-
marichu (artwork) and MrBingo (renders)

-To my keyboard crew-
Gymleadernathan, CMSP, JohnYYZ, kimchijodyboi and koha.


-Update Log-
GB delayed, new dates posted. Mystery Croquettes Deskmat revealed. -06/22/2022
GB delayed. -04/25/2022
Revised kits: 40s, Norde, US/UK Alphas. -04/02/2022
Guts artisan revealed. -03/24/2022
New Interest Check posted. Revised base, novelties, spacebar and norde kits. Revealed 40ís US/UK Alt Alpha kits, Half Blade Kikkou Keyboard, Bolsa Supply Artisans, Wooly Artisan, Guts Artisan and Half Blade Artisan. -03/20/2022
Revised Novelties kit and board renders. -12/20/2021
Interest Check revealed. -12/20/2021

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--- Code: ---[url=][img][/img][/url]
--- End code ---

Hello all,

Welcome to the new IC for Milkyway Half Blade. We went dark for a few months to go back and revise many aspects of the design. Based on the community feedback, we have the following updates:

- Revised colors (higher contrast) with samples being produced now
- Revised existing kits (Novelties, Space bar, Norde)
- Revised Deskmat 01 (Donít Lose Your Way)
- All new kits (40ís, US/UK Alt Alphas)
- All new Deskmat 02 (Iconic)

Thatís not all, we can also confirm the following collaborations for this set:

- Mechwerks x Half Blade Keyboard
- Bolsa Supply x Half Blade Artisans (1U, Enter)
- Wooly Half Blade Artisan - Image Coming Soon
- Guts Artisan by l e e n a - Image Coming Soon
- Half Blade Artisan by Miroticaps - Image Coming Soon
- Alpaca Half Blade Collaboration Cable - Image Coming Soon

Since our initial IC post, we received comments about the suggestive artwork included in the original novelties kit. My intention was to have this kit be a natural extension from the show that inspired it. In retrospect, those elements didnít translate well into a product. Therefore, we made sure to move forward without it. I never intended to offend anyone with this keyset. Iím always here to listen to the community, and we couldnít have done this without your continued support. I hope this update provides continued excitement for the set. There are more updates to come leading up to Group Buy, and I look forward to sharing more.

so no panties?

Very nice. So close, so damn close.

0/10, missing panties.


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