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[IC] Milkyway 2DGF - Group Buy IS LIVE

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Milkyway 2D Girlfriend

You sickos begged for this to be real so here it is. Imagine these belong to any (18+) anime waifu, vtuber, or videogame character you want


Degen Alphas
The main event. Use these as alphas, novelties, macro keys, anything your heart desires.

Standard Alphas
Alphas featuring a thicker hiragana font than most sets and numpad subs

Weeb Modifiers
I googled most common words in anime, I swear.

Standard Modifiers
Same as above but like normal.

The white will be GMK WS1 (GMK minimal, MW CMM BOW) so feel free to mix and match with your favorite
Board Renders

Pictured on Crin by Bachoo

Pictured on TGR 910 by yuktsi

Pictured on TGR 910 by yuktsi

Pictured on Austin by Drift Mechanics

China - Milkyway
USA - Mechs and Co
EU - Keygem
Canada - Kanatakeys
OCE - Daily Clack
South Korea- Swagkey

Group Buy Date
May 23rd 2022-June 20th 2022

All these sets id actually buy. Sad times.


weeb subs in base please



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