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[IC] Waxwing | A Bird Inspired Column Stagger 40%

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WaxwingAn Affordable 40% Column Stagger Board

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Howdy fellas, I'm super excited to present my latest creation!  The Waxwing was created to provide an affordable way to try a column stagger layout. I hope you folks like it!

This board will have an optional plate and acrylic window, I will update with pictures as soon as I get them in hand from SendCutSend. My order got delayed and I got impatient.

Basic Design Philosophy

Cheap through hole kits are my jam, they are a fantastic way to try a layout that may traditionally be much more expensive.  I've always heard about how comfortable Colstag boards are to type on, and I am definitely a believer now.

Why this board over so many others?

Cost without pro micro will land between 30-40 dollars.
Extremely easy to build, took me about 45 minutes all in.
RGB underglow to rapidly and dramatically increase your gaming abilities.
Compatibility with many different dev boards, therefore it utilizes a Pro-Micro footprint.
Firmware supported and provided for both standard Pro-Micro's and KB2040's
Will use an acrylic bottom plate with a couple color options, files will be provided if you'd like to print or cut your own.

How many buckaroos?
Tentatively 30-40 USD + shipping. This price includes everything you need minus switches, keycaps, and a pro micro equivalent.

Will have an acrylic "window" and an optional plate. They are on order from SendCutSend, will post pictures when I get them in.

Probably not going to add an encoder to this board, but if that's something you'd like to see, let me know in the IC.

Remember to hop over to my discord for more frequent updates and maybe get in on any prototype sales!

Thanks for your time, all feedback is appreciated.

chat and team:

Just so everyone is clear since I've seen a few IC requests for a plate, It will indeed have a plate and acrylic window along the top and middle, my order from SendCutSend got delayed and I got impatient.

I will update the main post to make that more clear.

Thanks for everyone's thoughts and interest!   

That board is beautiful! Traces at the top look super cool!

Really nice to see another opportunity to use KMK from you, too.

Could we get a pcb render, would love to see how those traces run.
It looks amazing


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