Author Topic: Customize Half keyboard for Gaming (Redragon Diti).  (Read 607 times)

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Customize Half keyboard for Gaming (Redragon Diti).
« on: Tue, 30 November 2021, 06:04:56 »
Hey people, who wants to embrace this crazy idea?

Until now, I've just changed some caps for the some "gaming" ones.
And so, I've bought some switches package of cherry mx speed silver, as I already have a keyboard with the red ones and I love the feel.

But, as I preferred the half size and specially the style of it(it's allows me to use my thumb for more keys with comfort), I was thinking if I can do to it what you do for the keyboards overall to optimize them.

Yes, the switches now are oetemu blue and they are a cheap solution.
Will be awaiting for you

See u soon