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God bless Small Fry, family, and friends...  although I personally never got to speak with him, after reading everyone's comments and the state of things just brings me to tears.   


--- Quote from: LargeFry on Tue, 20 August 2013, 16:14:29 ---This is SmallFry's Father.  I have been reading the forums over the past several weeks using SmallFry's account.  While at the event in Chicago, I learned that others can see who is online, and seeing SmallFry listed was disturbing to some.  I am sorry if that upset any of you and as a result I have created my own profile.

We truly enjoy hearing about how Nathan has impacted the group and how he continues to live in his old posts.  We miss our son deeply and find some connection to him through all of you at this site.  I am not sure we could ever adequately express our gratitude to all of you for accepting our son into your community and for the way you continue to honor his life in your posts and actions.  In any event, we will likely continue to lurk in these forums for a while and might even try to contribute from time to time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like.

--- End quote ---

Welcome to Geekhack!

Hope you enjoy your stay :)

Seeing you and Mama_Fry posting here has helped me realise where SmallFry got much of his kindness and consideration from.  Thank you.

@Mama_Fry is very nice to hear that GH brought some joy to you and your family. You may find that there is a little Nathan in each GeekHacker.
All the best for you and your family

It's really good to see how much SmallFry meant to this community and how much this community meant to SmallFry, and his family.

The reactio of this community has radically changed how I approach online communities and forums, and have realised that they are more than just online.

I wasn't here when SmallFry was present, but his posts remain unchanged wether he is with us or not, and are ever so helpful.

Hey if someone is going to chat about Mama Fry, don't you think you should TELL her??? I would have commented Love chatting with all of you....Am usually on the IRC nightly, and feel free to message me to ask questions or get to know Small Fry better. Thanks for your continued interest and support of our family!

Mama Fry


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