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--- Quote from: JBert;107844 ---Their site seems interesting, and they do have quite some keyboards on there. The only thing missing for geekhackers is the original product information.
For example, they have a "Superior gold contact, click action keyboard, beige" (seen at According to the search I did it is made by Cherry and their product id "KBC-803000" would make it seem that it is a G80-3000. Still, the product info page doesn't explicitly state it...
Of course I'm just nit-picking there, having a shop with Filco's in Europe is still a great thing.
--- End quote ---

That 'board is definitely a G80-3000 variant.

Great news for us Europeans.

Hi Everyone.

Just wanted to say Hi! we're really excited with the amount of interest the Filco keyboards are generating.
Any input about the website is welcome, it is a bit DIY and has developed over the years from a fax I used to send out, so we know it's not perfect.
We could spend a fortune on it and add that to the cost of keyboards!!
I can see the problem with our 803000. It is the genuine article, but we have always 'renumbered' Cherry products because there are a so many cut-throat dealers over here who will sell you Cherry at 5% margin and run a mile should you have any problems we deliberately try to separate ourselves from all that. The commercial aspects of selling Cherry are so awful I really wouldn't do it if it wasn't such good kit.
There's a firm here who sell from their website to retail at a price the same (and sometimes lower) as I can buy from Cherry UK.
Please be assured Filco kit will be listed with correct part numbers and that should anyone email me, they will get an honest reply, promptly. And we're not about to run anywhere.

Anyway, i'm sure you're not interested in my problems (I could tell you about UK taxes), I'm really pleased to find a bunch of people who appreciate a good keyboard though, so i'll be around if you want me.

All the Best.

I'm pleased to hear this. I have to try a tenkeyless with Cherry browns, preferably blank keycaps, so I hope they will be on offer. :cool:

I'll be interested to see the prices these come in at. I want to try one out, but get something a *bit* lighter than my Model M.

I'm sure I can always move it on if I don't like it.


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