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--- Quote from: webwit;120595 ---And the reply was, "I don't use rubbers", and the rest, as they say, is history.
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only if I get really drunk... and only at the weekends...

Bruce, I got the keyboard, thanks.

The switches seem a bit sharp, but then, I dont think that I have an ALPS switched board that is less than 10 years old (and been very much used), thats also not to say I dont like them.
But I am shocked to find that there is a shortcut that I must use (what seems like every 20 minutes) a lot that uses a numberpad key, and I am missing that some what, but some remapping will sort that out.

All in all a very nice keyboard at a great price, and as for it being 'B' stock, well I cant find a mark on it.

Again Thank you.

Bruce, are you still hoping to get 105-key Filcos, UK layout, n-Key rollover with Cherry MX Brown switches?

Failing that, is there any chance of the G80-3000 with brown switches? I already have the G80-3000 with blues, but I think I want something a bit quieter, but of equal quality.

Really good to hear you like it. Thanks for your business.

Yes, we are definately getting 105 key Filcos, UK, NKRO. They're on order, due November time.
There will be Blues, Browns and Blacks for you to choose from.



--- Quote from: Bruce;121718 ---There will be Blues, Browns and Blacks for you to choose from.

--- End quote ---

Yum indeed!


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