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[Closed] Pulse-SA Sleeved Cable

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Did invoices go out yet?  Thought I submitted properly but I haven't seen anything.

Sending it today:)

I'll be in for two maybe three, will fill the form in 3 hours

In for three. Paid.

Might be the wrong place to ask this, but does anyone know what kind of cable the Ergodox Infinity uses for interconnect? I've got an ErgoDox Infinity kit on the way in April and ErgoDox PuLSE in June... I would absolutely love to get two of these, one for interconnect and another for connecting to the computer, but I'd need to know which ones to order and if they'll work. From what I can gather, the interconnect cable will need to be USB 3.0 Micro B male on each side:

The form description says Micro B is for Android, which I'm guessing means its a USB 2.0 Micro B.

Hey I purchased one of these in the first wave and never got it, is there any update on what's going on?


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