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[Closed] Walnut/Ashtree Wrist Rests


Hi all,
After talking my manufacturer about walnut/ashtree wrists, I am able to finally offer group buy prices. Prices include shipping CONUS. If you're not in the U.S, add $10 for international shipping. So sorry!

And yes, I know that NPKC has something on MD right now. While these prices are not as competitive, I think that this wrist rest will satisfy everyone, and offers more competition in the market.

These wristrests are coated with a natural tree oil that gives it a smooth finish and feels good on the wrist. It's very solid, and offers a slight slope in the middle of the wrist rest.

      Preorders until March 14th
      Order with factory made on March 15th
      Arrives to me at April 1st
      Ships April 7th ( Approx )
We must hit a minimum order quantity of 40 units in any sizes.

How to Order
Fill out the form below. You will be notified via email on how to make your purchase :)

Walnut Prices
      60% 300MM by 80mm - $28

      87% aka TKL 360MM by 80mm - $31

      104% aka FULL 440mm by 80mm - $32

Ashtree Prices
      60% - $31

      87% - $32

      104% - $33


Hmm, they are a bit cheaper on ebay, coming from taiwan, and have had good reviews here on GH:

Also the NPKC ones. What distinctive feature do yours have?


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