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[IC]AXE 60 - Norse AXE Themed Keyboard | New Prototype 3.0

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We did two batches of prototyping since last update. Finally, we are happy to say that all production standards are met!
Prototype 3.0:

Brass parts are gold plated to perform better in anti-oxidation. We also stress corners and sides in straightness and hardness. Better CNC milling routes for side brass parts and smaller margin tolerance.
 33.jpeg (4741.6 kB. 4096x3072 - viewed 7852 times.)
Prototype 4.0 write up will be been soon

Chinese Build Stream: 05/01/2021 10:00 AM Beijing Time ( sorry that sound and frame did not match well)

This month we finally received new prototypes from the new factory and redesigned PCB from previous IC feedback, and we also designed the packaging box and deskmat.
Right now the designing and prototyping phases are done and we are looking forward to production. Also, Build stream and type sound coming later this week.

New Packaging Box:
Valhella Rock

New Desk Pad
Runes Fountain

New Prototype Raw:

New Prototype Finished:

*Note: all color choices are NOT final.
These are NOT Renders!

#New Renders with SA Hávamál!(IC: NA)


We already received the new Prototype and started the evaluation, also we have new PCB samples on the way. Silicon pad was done.

#New Renders with GMK Lazurite!(IC:


#New Renders with GMK ReForged!
We are happy to announce that we have a Render collab of GMK ReForged(IC link:


#New Renders with GMK Taegeukgi!
We are happy to announce that we have a Render collab of GMK Taegeukgi(IC link:


Also, we are happy to offer Render Collab with interesting Keycap Designs! Just PM us in discord![/font]

#New Renders with GMK Hunt!
We are happy to announce that we have a Render collab of GMK Hunt(IC link:


Also, we are happy to offer Render Collab with interesting Keycap Designs! Just PM us in discord![/font]

#Project Updates!
We are moving to final prototyping phase this month!
GB Time: Apr or May under the current schedule.
GB Format: In Stock.
GB Units: ~100 (I know it is small, but that is the maximum load we could handle right now, sry)

#New Renders!

#Refined Weight Design!

#Proto No.1 Photo Sampler!

*Please note that these are only Engineer Samples, and we already collaborated with another factory for better quality.

#Proto Type Sound


ISO support for soldering PCB!

-----------------------------OG IC Post-------------------------------
Hi, friends of GeekHack!
   This is Endjy and I am here to introduce the AXE60, a Norse AXE-themed gasket mount 60% keyboard.

#AXE60 Features
Norse AXE(Tomahawk) theme
Improved gasket mount with integrated silicon pad(Injection Molding)
8 degree
21mm bottom height
Interchangeable 60% Layout
Mother-Daughter PCB
Future Support for battery and Bluetooth

#2 version

Classic ver.
Concise ver.

#Supported Layout

WinKey with 7u SpaceBar
WinKeyLess 7u with 7u SpaceBar

But I will update once we get the color sampler from the factory.

#Complete View


#IC Form

#More Render

#Long Design Story
MoreAfter played God of War 4 on PS4, I deeply fell in love with the Leviathan Axe and decided to use this theme to design a custom keyboard kit. I started designing the board in June and the first idea came to me was to use a TOP-Mount Plate and GH60 compatible PCB, with a C-to-C extended wire to make the USB-C out right in the middle.

However, I soon realized the importance of gasket mount and other soft no screw mount methods. Hoping to obtain a balanced and better typing experience, I decided to use an integrated silicon pad to support the Plate-PCB system and silicon/Poron top gasket pad on the plate to isolate the system from the case.

During that time, I tested a large variety of material with different characters and hardness and I am satisfied with the current outcomes.

Since it is a Norse themed keyboard, I also spent a long time on Rune and visual elements. gave me a lot of inspiration and explanation on different Runes. I got 4 Runes from word “six”: ᛋ ᛁ ᚲ ᛋ, and build them into my personal logo:

Then it’s the design of the back weight, as well as the keyboard logo. I decided to generate ideas from Yggdrasill in Norse mythology. Firstly I got ᚨ ᚲᛋ ᛖ from word “AXE”, but I did not get a satisfied logo/weight. As I read “The Art of God of War”on my bookshelf, I noticed that in the game, there were not only elder Futhark Rune, but also newer Futhorc Rune, and I found the Rune I want for letter “X”:

Besides, I found and interesting Rune:
a combo of two X Rune structs a new Rune means World Tree Yggdrasil:

Finally, I used ᚨ ᛉ ᛖ with rotation to get my favorite logo for AXE, and I made it the weight of AXE:

And for classic verison, I choose the root from World Tree Yggdrasil braided spreading to the edge of AXE:

The general design of AXE featured hard straight lines with some smoothness from curves and angles. I did not find a good solution to suit the side profile until I saw the Magic Keyboard from Apple:

And in the end I got:

For internal design, I believed that a new mounting method that not only separates plate with case but supports the plate stably was needed. My final plan is to use an integrated silicon pad covering the whole plate and a traditional top gasket pad separating from the top case. Also, I provide 8 optional support screws for Hot-Swap Users.

Thanks for reading my long boring design story.
I really appreciate your patience and hope you like AXE 60!

#Change Log
2021/02/02: ISO support layout added.
2021/02/05: Proto Type Sound added.
2021/02/15: New Render, Proto Photo added. Logo Design Refined.
2021/03/10: New Render with GMK Hunt
2021/03/15: New Render with GMK Taegeukgi
2021/03/20: New Render with GMK ReForged
2021/03/27: New Render with GMK Lazurite
2021/04/18: New Render with SA Hávamál, New Proto Arrived, New PCB sample on the way, Silicon pad done.
2021/04/29: New Proto, New PCB, New Box, New Deskmat, Build Stream

axe yyds!! :thumb:

great works!

This is neat. You're neat. Everything about this is just gosh darn neat/
Sign me up.
With this keyboard, will a keyboard warrior be deemed worthy to ENTER Valhalla?
Posting your design journey was awesome and should be a good blueprint and inspiration for other potential designers.

Oh wow. This is beautiful. This + Gmk Norse would be a beautiful pairing. Looking forward to the progress :thumb:


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