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No soldering on Sparkfun's Pro Micro with Mac8 XB-3-2.5-12P


I'm posting as Mac8 representative from Japan.

I would like to share a component that has become increasingly popular in Japanese mechanical keyboard kits.
Of recent, a custom DIY mechanical keyboard shop in Akihabara has been including our conthrough series, specifically XB-3-2.5-12P in their kits. Why? Because the component fits perfectly with Sparkfun Pro Micro in terms of pitch, pins, and size. If you are using Pro Micro in your designs, it would be a good idea to look into our conthrough series. It saves a lot of time and stress due to the Pro Micro breaking, or mistakes made during soldering process.
This item is very handy when assembling the keyboard. Lately not only Japan but American keyboard shops are purchasing it as well. If you are interested, please contact the distributor near you for samples.
We have representatives worldwide.

More on conthrough series:

Some pictures of the contrhough series


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