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My new ePBT keycaps- not all that impressed

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The Signature Plastics PBT keys on are very high quality, though their profiles are not for everyone. I personally love their DSA keycaps. They feel solid and thick, with smooth sides and satisfying texture on top. And their legends are very crisp - probably the best dye sublimated legends I've seen. (Sadly) I can't go back to cheaper keycaps ever since I got my first SP DSA set.

Their color range (at least in the 24 main colors that are readily available) is hit and miss though.
For instance they have 2 shades of red that are almost indistinguishable to the naked eye, yet no shades of turquoise or brown at all. And most colors appear brighter on the website than in real life.

These caps have really grown on me.  I was just a change I was not used to.  They sound phenominal, they look great, and I now like the smoother texture.  Another thing I like is that the edges of the top of the cap are just a little more rounded than many others, and it really makes a big difference.  I will be purchasing another set at some point.  I'll post an image, it's just a pain getting images off my camera.


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