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Hey, there!
I am very new (especially to geekhack) but have been making my own keycaps sets and renders for a while now and I wanted to finally put one out there! This is my set fittingly named the 'Gulf40' after the GULF livery for the GT40, I've been obsessed with this color scheme for a while now and was surprised no one had made a keycap set using it yet... Anyways any feedback is be much appreciated! And if there is anything I did wrong during this whole keycap designing process please let me know! hope you enjoy! - @romu_keys





Make sure to go follow my insta, @Romu_keys and DM if you have any questions, feedback, or comments!

This is not really an IC, please look at some other ICs imo.

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just changed the title, thanks for the feedback, like I said I'm very new

Would love to see a novelty with the 40 in a circle

currently working on them now ;) should come out in a couple of days but its already looking good!


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