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[GB] Moon TKL v2

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After missing out on the OG v1, will def try for this!



--- Quote from: Darknight00z on Sat, 31 October 2020, 13:12:04 ---Is r2 pcb compactible with R1 Case?

--- End quote ---

The first PCB was directly soldered to the daughter board which in my honest opinion is super clunky.
Too many PCB RMAs arises from that.
This round it will be JST SH connectors, which requires routing at the bottom case for cabling space.
I don't think r2 PCB is suitable for r1 boards due to space constraints.

Will the brass stripes fit earlier moons? Also, will the plate be the same?

Raffle, not FCFS, and open from...soon? to Nov 7th?

Themonkeyswrench are we supporters if we hurriedly bought r1 Moons as soon as we could?


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