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[GB] Moon TKL v2

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guessing too late to pursue any sort of legal action?


--- Quote from: soloplayer on Sat, 27 May 2023, 22:58:38 ---
--- Quote from: JSaintS on Fri, 31 March 2023, 08:58:02 ---I feel sorry for asking this here, and really tried to find the info anywhere, but would anyone have the QMK file to flash the board or something to make it via compatible?

I tried to flash mine (somehow the flash button in QMK Toolbox was only clickable for a couple of seconds) with a hex file I created on QMK, which seems to have broken the PCB... I have tried resets, to no avail.

OG post also said it was VIA ready, but I cannot seem to find any VIA firmware and cannot seem to make it work in VIA. If anyone has had more success, I wouldn't mind a little help.

Again, sorry for posting here :(

--- End quote ---

me too. i really want to have a qmk and plate file for it

--- End quote ---

I replaced the OG PCB with a H87A.


--- Quote from: singabore on Fri, 25 August 2023, 13:13:29 ---guessing too late to pursue any sort of legal action?

--- End quote ---

If anyone want to start legal action, count me in and I'll chip in money for the lawyer. This is beyond ridiculous at this point.

he (yes oko is a dude) refunded Singaporean gb participants after they threatened to file a police report. For international you're SOL.

did we ever find out which eu vendor picked up the boards?


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