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[GB] GMK Oblivion V3.1 - COMPLETED - V3.2 tentatively in September 2023

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Guten Tag,

I would like to announce that in early July of this year (so in like 4 weeks) on July 2nd, the Group Buy for GMK Oblivion V3.1 will be launching across several vendors around the globe. As this set does not need its interest checked, I have decided to just make a GB thread several weeks ahead of its launch. The kits are pretty much final and have been submitted to GMK for pricing. However I am leaving Colevrak open for discussion as I assume there will be requests for extending that kit. So use this time to propose changes and why certain keys should be added, "Please add X" requests without an explanation as to why that key is necessary will be ignored. Other kits can still be adjusted as well, should any errors be discovered.

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See individual vendor pages.

Group Buy: From July 2nd 2021 to August 4th 2021
Delivery: Roughly 12 months after the group buy has ended.



Salvun Keycaps

NK65 Oblivion Edition
Recolored NK Silk Yellow Switches (Linear 63.5g)
Aluminium Plate
Injection Molded Polycarbonate Case



Hilbert Dark by Zambumon

Git Branches, designed with biip

A third design is being worked on.

More sexy renders by pikku-allu

Now at this point, about half of you are probably wondering

Here's the deal. From its inception, the Oblivion keyset has been hamstrung by me because I added so many options to it. Multiple modifier types (Git, Regular, Monochrome) as well as two alpha colors (Oblivion Gray and Hagoromo) make decisions difficult. For SA, the profile I created this set first, this works pretty well as the different options can be sold as their own kit without affecting price too much. With GMK's production pipeline, this does however not work, the best approach remains to have complete base kits. In GMK Oblivion V2, I offered Hagoromo Alphas as separate addon kits. However those were 55-60$ on top of the 110-130$ base kit price, making it a 165$ to 190$ purchase for what should have been just a 110-120$ base kit.

The logical solution: make base kits with Hagoromo alphas. But as you just saw, there are 4 base kits in this group buy already, which is insane as it is. Adding 4 more would be plain stupid, not even addressing the various child kits that would need duplication as well. Vendors will hate me for running so many different SKU's, customers will have difficulties deciding what to get. Having limited capital spreads extras too thinly across all the kits. Having to either skip Hagoromo Colevrak/International or struggle to get both to MOQ. It's simply a nightmare I don't want to deal with.

So as you may already be guessing from the name of this group buy, I have decided to split this round of GMK Oblivion into V3.1 and V3.2. The latter will be a 1:1 copy of the kits lined up above, but with all the Oblivion Gray alpha keys replaced by Hagoromo alpha keys, including Colevrak and International. Now for the question of when that V3.2 is going to happen, I cannot give you an exact date. Initially when I started to draw concepts for V3 (in early 2020 when V2 was shipped out), I wanted to have V3.2 launch right after V3.1 would ship. But given the drastically increased lead times with GMK since then, that would currently put that target into H2 2022, with subsequent shipping in H2 2023 or something like that. I don't imagine many people would be happy with the idea of getting a new round of Hagoromo sets shipped out in over two years. So instead, I am looking to Q1 2022 to launch V3.2 even though V3.1 is not even in production at that point most likely.

I understand this is frustrating to hear to those that are only interested in the Hagoromo version. But as I want to give that colorway a proper run with all the kits around it instead of being taped onto a different set, and the other factors listed above, I hope you can understand my decision. It will make for a proper GMK Oblivion Hagoromo group buy.

Approved :thumb:

This does put a smile on my face

? ? ? ? ?

For real tho, GLWB and I'm def getting in!

International Kit, I'm in!


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