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[GB] GMK Oblivion V3.1 - COMPLETED - V3.2 tentatively in September 2023

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i might **** a brick for some oblivion relegendables both grey and hagoromo


--- Quote from: Oblotzky on Wed, 24 May 2023, 05:13:40 ---All vendors have received their GMK sets and are either done shipping already or close to being done. The Salvun caps had to be redone as the color match was not good, they should complete by the end of the week and are then sent via DHL Express to all vendors to wrap this project up.

GMK CYL Oblivion V3.2 (CYL indicates Cylindrical profile aka Cherry profile, as MTNU is kicking off production at GMK soon the two need to be differentiated) is currently scheduled to run in September 2023! It will be a mirror of the V3.1 kitting but instead of Gray Alphas it will have the white Hagoromo Alphas.

--- End quote ---

will there be a hagoromo cadet alphas plz?

Hagoromo mods would indeed be pretty cool if possible. I dig that crayon look :)


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