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[IC] WSPBT Senkou | 28 May - colour samples

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WS Senkou

This set is inspired by Asuna. I have always been motivated by her courage and resolve. For a longer rant, feel free to read my previous post.

New IC Form

If you have filled out the previous IC form, I shall be grateful if you could take a moment to fill out the new IC form as well!


WS Senkou is an overhaul of PBT “The Flash”. I have received quite a lot of feedback after posting the initial IC, and have since made a lot of changes to the design. As the set is essentially completely overhauled, I believe it would be adequate to start a new IC post.

Why WS/dyesub? The set was originally designed with doubleshot in mind. As I progressed with the design and liaised with manufacturers, I came to realise dyesub is probably the more adequate method of production given the relative complexity of the novelties and the need to use multiple colours. Further, this allows for lower price and relatively quick fulfilment time.

Wuque Studio has offered to produce this set using their special all-sided dyesub technique. This technique produces crisp, clear legends, and ensures all sides of the keycap are uniform in colour, with little variance or blemish. Although Wuque is mainly known for its keyboards and doubleshot keycaps, it has also produced dyesub keycap set – most notable, and also utilising all-sided dyesub, is WS Camping. The fact that Camping’s designer chose WS is a powerful testament of its quality.

Basic info

Profile: Cherry

Material: All-sided Dyesub PBT

Manufacturer: Wuque Studio

GB date: TBD
Fulfilment time: 3 months after GB




kitting and board renders by Pensa73 (Pensa73#0073)

Base kit (Katakana)

Latin alphas



Accent (Lake)

Accent (Rose)



Zoom75 by Meletrix

Ayleen TKL by Tea House

Fuji65 by CMM.Studio

Promise87 by Wuque Studio

Quetzal by Pensa73

Z60 by ZMG


Colour samples

Room lighting

Outdoors - overcast, no direct sunlight

Direct sunlight


Global vendor: Wuque Studio
Regional vendors: TBD

If you are interested in collaborating, please contact me on Discord (Keepo#3439) or through e-mail (

Feel free to join our discord server for updates!

Please note that the colours shown on screen and in render may not fully match that of the colour chips / samples. The colours are selected with reference to physical colour chips, but I do not have a good camera to take accurate photos at the moment.


07/04/2023 - posted IC.
08/04/2023 - updated renders of Fuji65, Quetzal and Z60.
05/05/2023 - minor kitting update. In the process of obtaining samples.
28/05/2023 - obtained colour samples.

My thanks to semi_clock for the deskmat, Lynn and Nindroid for helping with the novs, Pensa73 and MoMoBoy for the renders, Mr. Keebaholics and Divine for advice/opinion along the way, the Wuque team, as well as the folks in a certain server for their support.


Some kitting suggestions:

* I'd move R1 End and Pg Dn to Numpad kit as they're used for 1800 layouts
* you can cut one of the 1u and one of the 1.25u bars in each bar color


nice renders.

GLWIC  :thumb:

nice looking set, glwic


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