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GeekHack Official: "MX-Compatible" Key Switches


The following is an Official Announcement from GeekHack.

In the interest of common understanding, legal niceties, and full disclosure, GeekHack asks that all non-Cherry branded MX-style switches to be labeled, called, sold as, described, and otherwise referred to as:


The formal description is...

--- Quote ---MX-Compatible:

"While not a Cherry-branded MX switch, it is pin and dimension compatible with keycaps, PCBs, and plates designed for Cherry-brand MX switches."

--- End quote ---

Cherry Corporation has lost a patent, but they have not lost their trademark(s).  Therefore what matters is nomenclature. We ask people to obey the law, and the WIPO trademark law treaty very likely says that Cherry USA must defend the Cherry MX trademark filed in Germany for it to apply in the USA, and that they plan on doing this.

HENCE, we take the stance that switches without a Cherry logo on them are not CHERRY MX switches, and we will edit your post if you confuse this issue. if you start arguing about it (meaning the issue of multiple very similar switches), additional measures may be taken.

We will be editing, notifying, and moderating existing threads where the notation above has not been used.

TL;DR If the switch doesn't say "Cherry" on it, you must call it "MX-Compatible on GeekHack.  This applies to all threads and forums, and especially to any for-sale posts.

Thank you for your support!

 - Ron | samwisekoi
For the Mods, Admins and Keepers of GeekHack.


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