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Not my style, but the set is simple and clean, plus it has a good theme/concept. The accent gray is a really good addition here, adds a contrasting dark gray which fits in really well, even though the rest of the set is bright. Interested to see how this develops.

Is the base white?

(Meant to modify, accidentally quoted)


--- Quote from: Pyurii on Tue, 15 June 2021, 22:13:51 ---Is the base white?

--- End quote ---
It's a light blue. At the time you commented this it was more lighter than how it is now.


--- Quote from: splanco on Fri, 04 June 2021, 20:09:07 ---This looks sick, very subtle and minimal. If my bank account isn't clapped out by the time the GB rolls around I'd def consider picking up a set :thumb:

--- End quote ---
Appreciate it!


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