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[Require help finding]Cherry Profile keycaps for planck

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Hi all,

I am looking for a good place to buy planck cherry profile keycaps.  I tried OEM profile and I feel the height difference is too much, same goes for SA and MT3.

I feel like cherry is the profile that doesn't fatigue my fingers!
Also since I use colemak layout my only option is kind of to get blank black/white keycaps from mechanicalkeyboard.

I am hoping that some one here can point me to a good site where I can buy Cherry profile keycaps(ideally Colemak layout if not blank) planck keycaps.



Do these work for you, epbt blanks are pretty good in terms of quality and price

I did checkout kbdfans probably should have mentioned in my original post! Shipping cost to US kind of is a bummer.

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search EPBT blanks, think divinikey might have some, they sell a lotta kbd stuff

Here's what i found.

Hope it helps.


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