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Model F

SSK soon



--- Quote from: HipsterPunks on Sun, 17 August 2014, 16:40:43 ---Show Image
Model F

SSK soon

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that board looks like pure evil


--- Quote from: dorkvader on Sun, 17 August 2014, 15:01:43 ---edit:
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Right to left.

Top row 2* IBM "unsaver" model F, IBM "pingmaster" japanese keyboard (in box), "Rubber dome M 101
next row: "oldest known" 122-key model F, KB assembly has been replaced with a NIB one (rest of KB is in a box)
Next row: IBM DIsplaywriter keyboard, IBM correcting selectric II, IBM dome 122-key (in box), PC/XT model F (in foam)
next row: IBM 3278 keyboard
Next row IBM 3178 keyboard, IBM wheelwriter 10 series 2 (boltmodded), IBM AT model F
next row: M13
next row: IBM terminal KB (parts unit), unicomp 104-key, AT&T KB305 terminal emulator variant (the buckling spring at&t board)
next row: IBM 4704-200, 2* IBM 4704-100, 1390120, IBM LPFK (cherry M8 switches)

In the corner are my lightsaver and ergodox half gamepad.

That's all the IBM I could find.

Edit: missing 2 wheelwriter keyboards I have in a box somewhere.

--- End quote ---


i have not taken a picture of my F yet............, gotta send to dorkvader to mod for me :cool:

thanks again to calavera and cptbadass


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