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Finale – Keychron K8 with Glorious Fox switches and Traitor Infinity caps

Description and Build Quality
Originally purchased for work – this is visually my favourite board, primarily due to the key caps. This 80% board has a nice aluminium bezel which gives the frame very little flex – like the Monsgeek, I’ve typed many an angry slack message on this thing without issue. While its product page lists a host of features – one thing that stood out was the battery life of this thing. I frequently work ~10 hours a day, and find that I only have to recharge this thing once every 3ish weeks – something I can do while working since it seems to charge relatively quickly while the USB-C cable is connected.
Another nifty feature is the ability to pair it with a few devices, and switch between then by pressing the FN+1,2 or 3 – means I can yell at several people on slack across devices without even lifting my hands off the keyboard!
Aside from the eventual need to replace the battery – the only negative of the build and design of the board is its height off the desk. Without the wrist rest shown in the photo, this thing is uncomfortably high, even with lower keycaps – if you get this, you will NEED a wrist rest to type remotely comfortably.

Typing comfort, feel and sound
As above, without a wrist rest, this thing is a nightmare to type on – on one hand, it forces you to lift your palms off the desk, which is good for reducing carpal tunnel, but on the other – its just plain uncomfortable.
With the wrist rest – typing is super silky. The Foxes perform well with the lighter Traitors keycaps giving the board a springy responsive typing feedback. The LEDs are north facing, but bright enough to do their job as this isn’t a board targeted at L337 gamerz. 
The Traitors Infinity are my favourite set of keycaps – with fantastic font and a subtle theme, they really feel like they were made for this board. They are on the thinner side however – but the caps have a quality feel which means the thinness doesn’t detract from the typing experience nor the visuals.
Finally – I’m not sure if this is due to the board, but this board is very quiet. Perhaps this is due to the switches sitting quite high off the board, or the thinness of the key caps but the board neither thocks nor clacks, but rather taps. I could be delivering righteous fury via teams but my wife (who’s desk is around half a metre away) will hear only the tapping of the keys and my swearing.

Overall – would recommend this board for anyone looking for a solid wireless workhorse, although again, strongly recommend getting a wrist rest so that you can use this comfortably.

A big thanks if you’ve read the series – I typed these in between dodgy LFR pulls in WoW (playing on the Ducky 65 was rough) so they are a bit brief :D


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