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FBB S9000
IC Form
InspirationThe Sony BKE-2011 is the optional keyboard for the BVE-2000 digital edit controller. “Qwerty” is the term for traditional typewriter key arrangement. This keyboard allows the editor to be programmed and controlled like Grass Valley editors.
We made this design last November. In the beginning, we did a lot to understand these keyboards further. Combining these three keyboards' shared characteristics, colors, and layouts, we designed this FBB S9000 keycap.
We retained most of the original color matching and layout and fine-tuned it to achieve the best look. Those fine characters on the front and top were retained, and so was the layout method.
We once considered making Cherry font, but at last we hope to retain Sony's original design. The original font is thin and numerous, so it will be troublesome to produce. Character positioning and quality checks are very important. It will be a lot of hard work to do, and we must do it well.

Specs•   Cherry Profile
•   1.7mm-thick PBT
•   Dye-sub
•   181/179 keys all-in-one kit

ColorsBefore introducing kitting, I would like to give away the names of the 4 sets of FBB S9000. They are:
•   S9000_Salute
•   S9000_Simple
•   S9000_Retro
•   S9000_Black
We bought the original Sony BKE-9400 for reference and color matching. However, it is probably quite old, and some colors have oxidized and changed.
The surface may oxidize, but the inside will probably still be fresh. We cut open the original keycaps to see the inside color and achieve a better appearance.
I will provide comparison photos after the injection molding.
(The rendering's colors and character layout are not the final version. The content is for reference only.)

Tribute to the original SONY BKE-2011 & BKE-9400 with some Layout and color fine-tuning. (181-keys)

Same font with “Salute” without sub-legends. (179-keys)

Use black to highlight the colored parts. (181-keys)

Combined with the original version, re-color and layout, retro ecstasy! (181-keys)
For now, we only did the “Salute” layout for this kit, but if you really want this color design show up on “Simple” layout, please let me know :)


VendorsCN – FBB
SOUTH KOREA – Geonworks
FBB is recruiting global agents. Feel free to contact us. Discord:
Price / Date / QuantityThe price will be around 45 USD. 
GB hopefully start at the end of June.
There is basically no limit on quantity. We are able to ship within one month of receiving the order
(unless the order is very large).

Is this going to use colormatched blanks or is this reverse dye-sub?

a 6u bar would be most welcome not for me for all the cup rubber enjoyers out there

Seconding the 6u request!

Conceptually, I love it.

Any chance at adding a second 3u bar?


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