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Office Chair - Recliner vs Ergonomic?


Hello everyone,

I have been using a cheaper 300-400 gaming chair in executive size for 3 years, mostly in a reclined position, and ergonomically when I can. It is now a bit broke in quality and I thought about an upgrade

I recently went out to test a few chairs, I tested the following:

Erkones Stressless Office Chair London (2200)

(This is my current favourite pick, and I could afford it with budget in mind.)

A video of how it works:

Leyform Non Stop 24/7 (1300)

Cometa. (Unkown Price/Brand)

I thought I wanted to get a high-quality chair, Steel or herman miller with a more ergonomic format. I am 177 CM tall, 85 kilos male, normal built, but I tend/like to sit in a various positions on the chair, and never found much comfort in being able to change my position in the more medium sized ergonomic chairs. I tried a Herman Miller Aeron once too before and I was not an avid fan of that lack of flexibility in how you can actually "sit" on the chair, not the lack of options with the chairs functionalities itself.

After testing the Cometa and the Leyform charis which had a bit of what I needed. Reclining function and good straight-sitting ergonomic support, I tried a office-wheel base Londer Erkones chair for 2200 and sat in it for around an hour, as the shop let me sit and work with the laptop.

That chair checked all my marks.

- Correct profile height, exactly as I wanted it.

- low arms rest so it does not bother with my executive desk in my office

- Exceptionally comfortable to sit in and slouch in (not necessarily ergonomically.)

- Reclining function incredible simple and smooth, and you can use it in any position along the reclination range of motion.

It reclines perfectly back for when to use it in more relaxed positions, and goes straight enough to just perfectly be used ergonomically (even goes so far straight that I fold my upper body, in other words too much, if I want.)

It is a chair that in my mind, is not something I should go for if I want to maximize using it for computer tasks 6 to 12 hours a day, but somehow I ended up using it on a test desk-top desk at the same height as my own for about an hour, and almost felt at home in the comfort of the chair.

I have tested quite a few chairs over my life but I never really went for the more expensive/premium ones. I know that everyone seems to be in love with Herman Miller & Steellabs chairs, but I find them to be a bit "too ergonomical" for my taste as it may, for better or for worse, violate the laws of ergonomics when I use a chair. So I just wonder the opinion of buying a premium priced chair such as the Erkones one, designed as a recliner (although I tested it for a more ergonomic, straight seating just as well) and whether other people seem to have recliners for office chairs as well.

It is however expensive. So... here I am with my question:

Any chairs you can recommend like the erkones stressless office London chair as shown in the video?

My stomach tells me to go for a chair that is comfortable, but should I still perhaps aim to go for a chair that is actually more designed for ergonomic use, and try to use an ergonomic sittion position more, rather than reclined?

Ideally in the Europe, but I take any advice for inspiration.

The stomach always lies.
For that many hours you absolyutely need ergo.


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