Author Topic: *OFFICIAL SALE THREAD* Monster Mash 2 Sale - Now Shipping  (Read 1513563 times)

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*OFFICIAL SALE THREAD* Monster Mash 2 Sale - Now Shipping
« on: Sun, 08 June 2014, 21:24:12 »
This will be the primary location for all upcoming sales announcements

Q: How do I enter your sales?

A: We will announce them in this thread - so make sure you set this thread to 'notify' you of new posts (the upper right-hand corner of this thread, click the 'notify' button)

Q: How often do you have sales?

A: That largely depends on availability of time, but loosely targeted from every 3-4 months

Current Sales:

Monster Mash 2 - now shipping

Invasion Pt II - 99% Complete

Upcoming Sales:

Cosmos II - TBA

Past Sales:

Great 'Murican Sale - completed

Bro's Blind Nug Run - completed

Bro Caps' Pink & Bloody Sale - completed

Frost-Bitten Sale - completed
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