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IC form
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Ultimate ISO is a gasket-mounted stacked acrylic 40% keyboard with 4 ISO enters for those people who need more than one enter on their keyboard for whatever reason.

  • 5 degree typing angle
  • Laser-cut Feet
  • Unified daughterboard
  • Centered USB-C port
  • Poron gasket-mounted plate
  • South-facing PCB with 5 pin support designed by me
  • Underglow breakout for addressable LEDs
  • Planned support for QMK, Via and Vial firmwares
  • Weighs about 800 grams without the additional metal back weight

A friend of mine made this layout as a joke in a discord server. We then played around with that idea and made up the final layout options. Because I had nothing to do (and wanted to procrastinate studying for my exams), I started making that meme into an actual keyboard for fun over the past 2 months or so. I totally didn't spend way too much of my time on this.

Case options:
Base keyboard:
  • Stacked acrylic case in one of 3 colours (all frosted): Transparent, Grey and a some colour (to be picked).
  • A soldered or kailh hotswap (fixed layout) PCB
  • A FR4 or polycarbonate plate (might consider more options)
  • Extra PCB in either hotswap or soldered variant
  • Extra plate
  • Extra gasket strips
Metal Weight Add-on:
There will be an option to purchase an additional weight (put in place of the acrylic backpiece) made out of brass or aluminium in e-white/black anodized (to be picked in the IC form).

Weight Render:



The current target price for the base keyboard is 100£/140$.

UK: KeebCats
Rest of the world: TBD

Q: Why
A: Why not?

Q: Is this a meme?
A: No.


Big thanks to Frostykoala for making these renders:


Tinted Froted:

Design information:


Case internals

Plate (May be changed in the future)

Side view

Open source:
The case files and the plate files will be provided after the GB has shipped.
The pcb gerbers and manufacturing files will be provided too.

GMK Enter:
This is an initial idea of the GMK Enter set that will be an optional add-on sold alongside to the keyboard
Big thanks to Dudeship for rendering these

Current Todo list:
Order a prototype case and PCBs
Collect IC feedback
Sort out vendors
Work on the deskmats
Start GB

Firstly, big thanks from the lovely people in the KeebCats discord server for helping me out with this during various stages of the design and putting up with me in general (sorry Drunken).
Another big thank you to Kawesky and Sj for some feedback and being nice dudes.
Also thanks to Noah for proofreading this.

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let's ****ing go

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Now this is a design I can get behind.
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pat please stop

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this is great, can this be sold alongside some iso enters

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I love this lol. If the price is right I might have to cop. Good luck!

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i am a slut for ISO

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    • KeebCats

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i like this design, but i'd like to see more ISOs. Is that an option?

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They say that the more enters one has the better they are. This backs up that theory with strength.

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I've needed this my entire life, thank you

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You guys always kill me because it's like you come up with a funny idea for a keyboard meme product and then someone spends actual effort mocking it up or making a CAD model and then someone decides to actually make it and you spend real money on it because nobody had the sense to just say "this is actually stupid" somewhere along the way.

I'll take two.

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i am glad for this

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first and only 40% i would ever buy.

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Does it support planck layout?

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Like it or not, the world needs this.

i'm in

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"Q: Is this a meme?"
"A: No."

hmmm well ISO IS superior

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I'm in.

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as a 40% user I'm actually quite interested, but how tf am I supposed to pay for four ISO enters if they're not random keycaps from aliexpress that don't match the keyset I want?

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as a 40% user I'm actually quite interested, but how tf am I supposed to pay for four ISO enters if they're not random keycaps from aliexpress that don't match the keyset I want?

I think the idea is the meme it up with the leftover ISO Enters that you wouldn't otherwise use (assuming you're an ANSI or smol enter user).
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This makes my pants tighter.

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ISO to the moon  :eek:


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what the ****, I want one

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  • huhu
You may not like it, but this is what peak ISO looks like.

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how can you not buy this? too good, well done pat.

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This is extremely baller GLWIC
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unironically good

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Just take my monies

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We need a base kit with 4 ISOs now.
I'm in.

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Add a number row, and a F row, and ANOTHER 2 ISO keys!!!
6 ISO KEYS!!!!!!

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  • reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
this is for those who missed out on the illuminati iS0 GB and i am all here for it

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You know, if you got rid of all those unnecessary alphas you could fit some more ISO enters in there.

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This looks awesome. When I have the money and this is in GB id totally go for it.
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this is wicked

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Simone smashu

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I love 40's because just the dumbest **** will come out, and ill see it and i think, huh, that's about the worst layout ive ever seen

I want one, I'm not memeing I genuinely want one, I'll keep an eye out for these in GB GLWIC!
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Discord says the invite link in the OP is invalid.  Could you please provide an updated invite?

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Discord says the invite link in the OP is invalid.  Could you please provide an updated invite?
Sorry for that, should be fixed now hopefully

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Added the often requested keycap kit section

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bigass enters let's gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Enter kits :thumb:

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Added the often requested keycap kit section
what's the footprint on those BAEs? what are the stab blueprints?

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I've been wanting someone to make GMK big ass enter keys since I joined the hobby. What style of BAE are you going to go with?

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Does it support UK, US, Norde and Jpn ISO?

Yes sir ... yes it does and all at the same time.
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BAE  heck yeah, count me in for those alone even!

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Added the often requested keycap kit section
what's the footprint on those BAEs? what are the stab blueprints?
It's like an ISO enter with the 1u key to the left. Makes it compatible with ISO keyboards

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