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[GB] SA Camping; Camp-Team China X Keyclack (Complete)

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High fives all around the campfire

No more set limit for the drop, seems like we'll all be able to enjoy the campy goodness


--- Quote from: eyedrop on Sun, 21 August 2016, 22:42:31 ---The site went down hard...I thought I would be able to get a set.  :(

--- End quote ---

Site is back up :D

I was able to buy in last night. Woo!


--- Quote from: jdcarpe on Sun, 21 August 2016, 22:28:13 ---This is why we use Shopify, kids. Or host your site on AWS.

--- End quote ---

Elastic does seem the way to go:P.

I do like managing my own server at an affordable cost. Still weighing all the pros and cons ;)


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