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Just got a second hand M65-A from a kind user on mechmarket.
He included a second PCB, a PS2AVRGB.  Would love to build it with some of the holy pandas I just got but can't seem to get the board to respond properly.
To start, none of the LED's work, secondly I can't get any of the kemappings to actually go to the board.  I can map keys in the software and it uploads successfully but no luck with those keys actually working.  They either remain unassigned or have random mappings like tab, enter, space.

The bootloader recognizes the board and I am able to flash it and put it into boot mode by using tweezers to active the left control key.  When i go into the bootloader software and look at the "other" tab all of the LED options are greyed out.

I'm still quite new to working with custom PCB's so I really appreciate any help or advice!


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