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KBBQ Deskmat

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900mm x 400mm x 4mm

Ever craved KBBQ but lockdown got you stuck at home?
Look no further the KBBQ deskmat is here.
If you're ever hungry, you can look at this deskmat and think back to all the good times you had with your friends at your go to KBBQ restaurant.

I opted to not go for renders and just get prototypes made and take actual photos of them.
Please excuse my amateur photos.

Deskmats have been manufactured by Zion Studios PH Kulermats

Round 1 Prototype Images

These photos have been edited with Lightroom to match the actual real life colours

Please do note that the blue will be fixed on the next proto run as it is significantly saturated, especially on the green vegetables part of the mat.

More Prototype Images with Keyboards


UPDATES 14th August 2021

Price: $22 USD


Australia: SwitchKeys
Philippines: Zion Studios
USA: Keyspensory
Canada: Ashkeebs
South Korea: Monstargear
Europe: Keygem
Malaysia: Just Keys
Japan: Basekeys
Singapore: Ilumkb
United Kingdom: Prototypist
China: TBC
Indonesia: TBC

Keen on the charcoal one! Glwic

this has me salivating

KBBQ deskmat kinda lit pog

Natural Flavour:
gib eet tu me


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