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[IC] GMK WoB Red Cyrillic - GB October 1st

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WoB featuring UV-printed red Cyrillic sublegends

IC form

Base kit

Icon mods kit

Colors: CR/WS1 + P3

This set will feature new set of Cyrillic legends that Alexbarb and me put together. They are very similar to latin GMK/Cherry in the sense of typeface. The idea was to make as accurate as possible Cyrillic. In addition to most noticable legend changes (У, Ж, Л), Cyrillic was completely redone from the ground up.
Sublegends on R (К), T (Е), Y (Н), [ (Х), D (В), F (А), H (Р), J (О), Z (Я), C (С), V (M), B (И), N (Т) as well as sublegends on num row will be using original GMK (Cherry) font since glyphs are the same. Rest are custom outlines with original latin legends in mind.

Huge thanks to Alexbarb for make this happened!

Jane V2 CE

Calliope :}
featuring uwus

Shout out to: Marco for stunning renders, of_Sam, Baul

Itís too good.



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